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Dir. Ritech Batra.
Cast: Nimrat Kaur, Nawazuddin Siddique, Denzil Smith Baharati Achrekar, Nakeul Vaid.
Music: Max Richter.
Cinematography: Michael Simmonds.
Editing: John F. Lyons

Production: Shruti Latif

India 2013.Distribution: National Film.
Recognized in the Critics' Week at Cannes (2013), reflecting the culture initiated through its cuisine. In Mumbai, every day, thousands of housewives deliver the food to their husbands to their workplace through an efficient and specific transport system. An error in one of these deliveries contacted a young man with a nondescript. Together they build a fantasy world by notes accompanying the meal, which poses a threat to the real life of each. This film is about the difference between the life we dream and we live.

CAFÉ (Coffe)
Dir. Hatuey Viveros.
Editing: Pedro Gómez García
Sound: Axel Muñoz Barba, Pablo Fernandez
Production: Carlos Hernandez, Hatuey Viveros
Production: Village Cinema, Foprocine.
Cinematography: Hatuey Viveros
80 Min.
Mexico 2014.

In the village of San Miguel Tzinacapan in the mountains of Puebla Nahuatl, a family lost their father. His absence changes the lives that were deeply attached to him. Tere, now in charge of the family, must make money selling crafts. Jorge will be graduating soon and will have to choose your path. Chayo, at sixteen, must make an important decision. Now, after a decisive year for the home, each family member has been redefined to find their own destiny while venerating the memory of the father.

Hatuey Viveros
Mexico, 1974
Opera Competition Winner bonus with the movie "My Tiny Universe" (2010). He has been the recipient of several awards among which the Conaculta Development Grant for Special Projects (2010) and first in the Kodak Film School Competition Latin America Region in 2009.

(Biographical Documentary)
Premiere in Mexico

Director: Dario Aguirre.
Screenplay: Daria Aguirre.
Cinematography: Santiago Oviedo.
Producer: Thomas Tieish
Co-Producer: Franziska Reck-
Producer: Filmyank / RedFilmZurich
88 Min.
Germany 2013
Sinopsis:  My father Caesar thought he would take over his restaurant and grill in Ecuador, but instead they decided to dedicate myself to art and went to Germany. After years of not talking with each other, my father called me from Ecuador and told me that his restaurant'The skewers César' was broke, saving the restaurant became our joint project. Cesar's Grill tells the story of my return to Ecuador, where I, the vegetarian child, try to solve the problems of my carnivorous father. During an extensive discussion on corncobs, illuminated advertising panels and profit margins, we realize that our discussion is not really about the family business in crisis, but of ourselves. (Darío Aguirre).

Premiere in México
Dir: Solés and Pere David Gimbernat.
Screenplay: Pere David Soles and Gimbernat.
Publisher: Marti Genis.
Music: Maikmaier.
Cast: Joan Roca, Josep and Jordi Roca Roca.
Producer: Muntsa Tarrés.
Production: TV Catalonia.
Spain, 2014.
52 Min.
SYNOPSIS: Without waiving its origins and tradition based on the Roca brothers have turned the modest family restaurant from his parents, a slum located in Girona in one of the best restaurants in the world. Considered the Best in the World by Best Guide 50 Rests.

PERU HAS A TASTE (Perú sabe)
Dir: Jesús M. Santos
Talent: Gastón Acurio, Ferran Adria.
Synopsis: A journey through the Peruvian cuisine; taking as a gastronomic event "Mixtures" which brings popular expressions kitchen Peru, with the vanguard of Ferran Adria.
Spain: Hispaniola TV Peru; Media Networks
70 'Min. 16: 9 HD

SLOW FOOD STORY ( Fest. Cinema Planeta, Cuernavaca Morelos)
Dir: Stefano Sardo
Prod: Indigo Film, Tico Film Company; Element Pictures.
Synopsis: "The story of a gastronomic revolution." Biography of Carlo Petrini, who to get to build a McDonalds in Rome ban, polluting and culturally invaluable visual architecture of Rome. Cultural resistance to the "fast food" made him the founder of Slow -Food and Mother Earth; close to the country's culture, and organic ingredients; movement that currently host city of Bra; in the Italian Piedmont.
Italy, 2013, 73 Min. V HD
                                                 SHORT / FICTION
Dir: Vanessa Quintanilla
Screenplay: Vanessa Quintanilla
Cinematography: Gerardo Montiel Klint, Fernando Montiel Klint
Music: Pepe Stephens
Sound: Pepe Stephens
Art Direction: Lorenza Manrique
Editing: Clementina Mantellini
Production: César Moheno Pla
Cast: Rouzanna Lissovskaya

Mexico, IMCINE, 2014

Dir.: Barbara Balsategui
Production: Helena Medina Lomeli
Writer: Barbara Balsategui
Photography: Isi Sarfati
Edition: Alejandro Meludis
Sound: Agustin Enriquez
Music: Marcelo Salazar Enriquez Merodio Alejandro Mora, Francisco Rosas Larrauri (Floating Point)
Art Director: Carlos Salom

Dir; Zipporah (Zippi) Nyauri
Screenplay: Zipporah (Zippi) Nyauri
Cinematography: Jean Claude Ingabire
Cast: Inhabitants of Uganda.
Prod: Misha Filmlab
Uganda / Kenya 2012
Synopsis: In a fishing village, the young Zebu, is required for survival, better negotiate your job.

* Developed and co-produced by the workshop of Mira Nair.


Dir: Yolanda Román
Edition: Yolanda Román
cinematography; New Roman and Yolanda Diego.
Cast: Pedro Ayala and his team
Synopsis: RealChef, the "talent show" where a plate is a plate.
Spain, 2 min. 37 secs.

Dir: Andrej Gontarchov
Cinematography: Julien Landweer
Cast: Alexander Khuon, Mathew Burtion, DieterWardetzky Sebastian Bomberg.
Prod: David Keitsch
Synopsis: With the imminent fall of the Berlin Wall, Soviet and American negotiating the future; interpreter becomes incidental witness and protagonist; the conflict.
Germany; 11 Min.
• the 1st Prize Films Festival Montreal, Student Section.

(Dish detergent)
Dir. Joel Andrew Salaysay
Screenplay: Joel Andrew Salaysay
Cinematography: Barret Aerian
Editing: Joel Andrew Salaysay
Charles Lysne, Brishkay Ahmed, Mathiew Leblond, Sean Marshall JrSimon Fraser University.
Sinpsis: Kevin's life earns as dish detergent, and your imagination is what makes it survive.

Canada 2014, 10 min.
Awarded at Montreal Film Festival.


(My Grandma Bear)
Dir. Effie Pappa
Screenplay: Effie Pappa
Cinematographer: Tristan Chenais
Editor: Sibila Estruch
Music: David Pearce
Awards: Edinburgh; Montreal, Annecy, Ros Island; Athens; and more than 15 international awards.

(Donutini Sprinklestein Its disadvantage destination)
Dir: Vera Kobelkowsky Glass.
Cinematography: Vera Kobelkowsky Glass.
Music: William Jeffrey Chin
SINOSPSIS: A small donut but with great personality, half Italian, half German, has a rather boring life until he meets Donutella Sugarelli. He will try everything in his power to win her love, having fun adventures on their way.
Canada 2012 1.08
Vancouver Film School.


Dir: Tyler Nicholson
Supervisors: Shira Avni, Luc Orter
Music: Chriss Adriaanse
Thanks to: Sharron Mirsky, Lianne Zannier, Alisi Tenegut, Hamish Lambert.
Produced in: Mhsoc
Canada. 2012.    2,08
                                                    AGORA EUSKADI
The Basque chef Iñaki Aizpitarte,  through cinema
Few chefs have managed to inspire filmmakers Azpitarte. In OAXACA FILM & FOOD FESTIVAL, projected in 2010, a short filmmaker Pamplona gorgeous, Oskar Alegría, an analogy of this Chef dishes and local building designed by Pritzker Prize Koolas Rem.
Producer: Nanda Fernandez-Brédillard
Cinematographer: Thomas Lallier
Editdor: Fernandez-Brédillard Nanda
Music: Philippe Nalet
SYNOPSIS: The Milky Way is a whitish, smooth band, a huge mass of celestial bodies that can be seen with the naked eye, and in which, however, each spark is a universe like ours. The "Milky Way" is also a path formed stars who appeared in a dream to Charlemagne, and going from sea Frise to Galicia, via the Basque Country. This band of stars has become the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostela, where he rested by then unknown blessed Santiago. Since the galaxy to shell Santiago, through the Basque Country, all this is covered in this short film. The Basque Kitchen Chef Iñaki Aizpitarte,
Fra. Prod. Pompidou Centre, 2010

Chefs, collaboration with EITB (Basque Country TV): Arzak; Berazategui, Aduriz ... etc a la carte program. (Part of the specialized Short Chefs program).

TERRA MADRE Organic Food
Coordination Bonifazi Tirza.
Seeds of Freedom (Seeds of Freedom)
Dir. Jess Philmore
Narration: Philip Leder
Sound: Joy Harris
Cinematography: Philmore Jess, Jason Taylor, Damian Prestidge
Prod.Gaia Foundation, and Ethiopia
Synopsis: 10 years after the death of Joseph Ltzenberger, known as the father of Brazilian movement for the environment. Seeds of Freedom tells the story of seeds, from its roots in the heart of traditional and diverse farming systems around the world, to its transformation into a powerful convenience, used to monopolize the global food system.
The film highlights the extent to which the system of industrial agriculture and genetically modified seeds in particular have impacted the huge agro-biodiversity evolved by farmers and communities around the world, from the beginning of agriculture.
Seeds of Liberty seeks to challenge the mantra that large-scale, industrial agriculture is the only means by which we can feed the world, promoted by the pro-GM group. In tracking the history of the seed, is clearly seen as the agenda of companies has led to the takeover of the seeds in order to obtain vast profits and control over the global food system.

A testament to the organic market in Huatulco; that is done monthly for two years; where farmers can sell their products to the community.
Work in progress

Synopsis: A scarecrow is witnessing how industrialization, ruining nature and organic food production. 3,15 Collaboration by Aleksey Chernyshev.


Series of 4 chapters, about the new restaurant of Ferran and Albert Adria in Barcelona.
Prod. Visual 13.
2min. Spain 2013.